Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SJK (T) Ladang Midlands - Need Help

Estate Tamil school in need of help

Greetings to all of you.

Recently I received an e mail appealing for help to assist a tamilschool that is in dire need of some basic and essential facility. Thisschool is located in Shah Alam which is quite near to the UITM. Theschool name is Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Ladang Midlands. I havealways been very careful when these kind of appeals are sent out whereit also involves help in kind or monetary contribution. Many times,the money is mismanaged and end up in the pockets of certainindividuals.

As such, I decided to drive to the school with my friend Mr.Maran so that we can see for ourselves how far this was true. We found out fromthe head mistress that the 160 student school has been run in atemporarily built low standard building material that has leaks andvery questionable structure and facility. The school was promised tobe given a 4 acre land with a 4 floor new school for the year of 2003.It has been 6 years now and nothing has been done despite appealsafter appeals and the government with its own politics andcontroversies surrounding the funding for this school has taken a tollon the proper studying environment for the kids.

We have much to learn from the Chinese community as they come in fullforce to make sure their community does not lag when it comes toeducation. Waiting for the government to do anything for our tamilschools is nothing but a waste of time. You will notice from the listbelow the items the school is in need of. The head mistress hassuggested that we focus on just one area which are the computers. Wegave technical input to the headmistress where they can save moneywith regards to the computer room and the computers itself. The wiringdone in the lab is very unprofessional and hazardous.

1. Teacher's Table - 10

2. Teacher's chair - 10

3. Computers for students - 30

4. Computer desks - 30

5. CD rack - 5

6. Steel filing cabinet for office - 3

7. Metal cupboard for class room - 6

8. Soft board - 6

9. White board - 6 (3'X2')

10. Plactic chairs for hall - 100

11. Radio/CD player - 6

12. Book racks for class room - 6

13. Sofa - 1 set

14. Canteen tables - 6

15. Long chairs - 12

16.Student chairs - 50

17. Student desks - 50

We also suggested laptops instead of PCs. WIFI enabled laptops will behighly mobile and require no hard wiring. We want to get 30 laptopsfor the school. We are appealing to you to help sponsor the laptops.Please feel free to also share this e mail with your own contacts andfriends.The children are a very dynamic and intelligent lot but theylack the facility to achieve their full potential.

Many of you who are very successful in your lives today are a productsof tamil schools especially from the estates and as such I am sure youcan relate to this very crucial matter

In the next few days we will attempt to get the best pricing forlaptops. We are trying to get edu pricing for the laptops in order toreduce cost.

To be transparent, we will update each and every one of you whoresponds to this appeal as to where we are standing in achieving the 30 laptop target. I do not practice giving cash directly to the schoolunless absolutely necessary. If we can purchase all 30 laptops inbulk, we will be able to get a better discount. You may choose tosponsor any number of laptops individually or as a group. As a start,you may respond to this e mail and communicate to me as to how youwill be able to help to achieve the 30 laptop target.

Apart from assisting the school with the hardware, we have alsooffered to assist in providing learning resources on aspects of moralleadership and virtue classes. We are also looking into supplementingtheir resources by upgrading their library.

Many of these kids also come from broken homes but their spirit tolearn is truly great and I believe we can play a critical role to helpthese kids who has the potential to become builders of civilizedsocieties.

Looking forward to your response and generosity

Best regards,

Narendran Narasiah

(CEO)Skills Gauge Sdn Bhd

Refer - http://www.themindassociation.org/charity/midlands/IMG_5889.jpg

The wiring is done above the floor level on top of carpeting which isfire hazardous. These computers are old. Per class averages about 30students and there are only 10 here with not all working properly

Refer - http://www.themindassociation.org/charity/midlands/IMG_5890.jpg

Refer - http://www.themindassociation.org/charity/midlands/IMG_5891.jpg

Canteen in need of orning so that more children can sit in thecanteen. There are only 10 tables but there are 160 students

Refer - http://www.themindassociation.org/charity/midlands/IMG_5892.jpg

Refer - http://www.themindassociation.org/charity/midlands/IMG_5893.jpg

A shaby table where children sit in the scorching sun to eat

Refer - http://www.themindassociation.org/charity/midlands/IMG_5894.jpg

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